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Gaga Faces

‘You and me could write a bad romance’ : Acknowledgements

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As I sit in bed twelve hours before this project is due to be handed in (wildly sleep deprived and dancing along to ‘Venus’ in celebration of having finally finished) I’m overcome with a sense of gratitude for all the people who have helped me get to this stage. Gratitude and exhaustion, at least.

First of all I’d like to say a big thank you to Dr Jane Goldman, my ever-supportive dissertation supervisor. From the moment I realised I want to do this project on Lady Gaga, I knew there was only one person in the entire university up to the challenge. Despite not being the quintessential Little Monster, Jane has offered advice, encouragement and compelling discussions about the racial implications of Miley Cyrus at every turn.

Further academic thanks go to the university library’s inter-library loan service team, a group that I’ve undoubtedly challenged with the sheer variety and number of requests over the last six months. Two other individuals highly deserving of recognition are Dr Robbie McLaughlan and Joanna Colville, amazing teachers that encouraged me to think outside the box, challenge myself and believe in my ideas. Without them, this dissertation would have been on something far less up-tempo.

The main brunt of my dissertation ideas, stress, panic and frustration has unfortunately been directed at my friends and family, the most amazing bunch of people who have been incredibly supportive throughout it all. First of all, special thanks to my parents for being as involved as possible for two people who initially thought ‘phallocentric photology’ had something to do with ‘light up pictures of willies’. Secondly to Lilith and Rachel, two of the most confident, intelligent and wonderful people in the world who gave me faith in the possibility of pop music to empower people. (They’re very good at dancing too.) A giant thanks for everyone who took the time to look over massive chunks of this and play hunt-for-typos, you guys (John, Martin, Martin, Alex, Christina and especially David) were such a big help. Lastly, all the appreciation I could ever give to Adam for he deserves it. The monkey boy that fell head first into the world of French feminist theory when he met me, no one makes me happier or motivates me to push on like you. I promise the next project will be about something you’re an expert on! (Provided you’re willing to watch Sailor Moon.)

And a thank you to Stefani Germanotta, may you forever dance in the dark.

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