Blindsided by Harry

If I’m being honest, my expectations for this date aren’t high.

While a tall, dark stranger starting a drunken conversation with ‘You’re kinda hot’ in the middle of a dance floor is traditionally seen as the first milestone in a long and happy life together, I have a quiet suspicion that Harry and I may not in fact be a match made in heaven. So when I give him my number and agree to go for a drink the following week it’s more out of curious optimism than undeniable chemistry; after all not everyone makes the best impression while half-drunk and sweaty amid pounding techno, I tell myself.

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Mirror Scandal Reflects Poorly on Glasgow’s The Shimmy Club

A Glaswegian nightclub has come under fire from both local press and international media following the introduction of voyeuristic mirrors within the venue’s toilet facilities. The Shimmy Club, situated in the city centre’s Royal Exchange Square, has been heavily criticised for the inclusion of interrogation room-esque two-way mirrors within the women’s toilets, offering paying customers the opportunity to rent out the bar’s premium booths and spy on unsuspecting women from behind the glass.

The venue, which opened in early May, features two ‘Smoke and Mirror’ booths that look into the women’s toilets, a feature that early club goers claimed was not indicated anywhere within the bathroom to alert patrons. Despite reporters from the Scottish Express being told that neither men nor mixed groups were able to rent out the particular booths, customer evidence seem to suggest otherwise. Images currently circulating online depict unsuspecting women leaning in towards the glass to adjust their hair and makeup while male customers parade in privacy, calling into question the venue’s equality policy.

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Star Trek: Exposed Female Bodies and Ferocious, Forgotten Heroines

This article attempts to avoid direct Star Trek Into Darkness spoilers. However, due to its discussion of the film, it’s obviously best to see the movie if you’re one of those people that dislike spoilers. River Song perhaps.

Last month the latest movie in the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek Into Darkness, premiered in cinemas and was greeted by the expected level of nerd fanfare. While the film is very successful in repurposing the standard futuristic-action-movie formula (faithfully adorned with a warp-core here and a Vulcan there to differentiate it from a Transformers movie) director J.J. Abrams has come under fire from longtime fans of the series for seemingly abandoning the principles of equality, diversity and philosophy that the original series aimed to embody.

From choosing to cast Benedict Cumberbatch, the whiter-than-white-isn’t-that-man-a-bedsheet Sherlock lead, as one of the franchise’s most iconic non-white characters to rather shamelessly lifting significant plot chunks of previous Trek movies, swapping around the character roles and branding it ‘nostalgic’, Into Darkness has some major narrative and casting issues hampering its attempt to be a brilliant movie. Which is a shame.

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